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November 2023 Newsletter - Empowering Human Knowledge, Scenario Writing to Understand AI Risks

October 2023 Newsletter - Workshop Outcomes, Purposeful AI, Translating Human Experiences for AI

September 2023 Newsletter - Washington, D.C. Workshop, Investigating Data, Patient-Focused Designs

August 2023 Newsletter - Workshop Recap, New Framework for Data-Driven Policing

July 2023 Newsletter - Submit Your Research in AI Incidents, Message from the Director

June 2023 Newsletter - Speakers Announced for Next Workshop, Highlighting Our Research

May 2023 Newsletter - White Paper on Developing AI Safety Science, Highlighting Our Research

April 2023 Newsletter - Measuring safety: Focus of CASMI's next workshop

March 2023 Newsletter - Register for upcoming event about generative AI

February 2023 Newsletter - New Research Funded, Workshop Recap, AI Safety News

January 2023 Newsletter - Research Spotlight, AI Safety News, Toward a Safety Science of AI

December 2022 Newsletter - 2022 in review from the director and key events

November 2022 Newsletter - "Defining Safety in Artificial Intelligence" virtual panel, upcoming workshop and research spotlight 

October 2022 Newsletter - "Toward a Safety Science of AI" workshop and research spotlight 

September 2022 Newsletter - CASMI call for proposals and UL announces Jill Crisman as DSRI Head

August 2022 Newsletter - CASMI announces call for research project proposals

July 2022 Newsletter - Launch event video and UL announces new brands 

June 2022 Newsletter - CASMI launch information and panel discussion video

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