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Notes on the News

Kristian HammondCASMI Director Kristian Hammond responds to recent AI headlines. He is the Bill and Cathy Osborn Professor of Computer Science at Northwestern University, director of Northwestern’s Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program (MSAI), the co-founder of the Artificial Intelligence company Narrative Science (acquired by Salesforce), the faculty lead of Northwestern’s CS + X initiative, and a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).  

Journalists may use these insights in their reporting with proper attribution. If you are a journalist who would like to interview Dr. Hammond, email You may also contact Senior Science and Engineering Editor Amanda Morris at or 847-467-6790, or contact Northwestern Media Relations at or 847- 491-5001.

July 2024

July 23: Artificial intelligence's role in law

July 18: Microsoft and Apple won't join OpenAI board seats: A setback for AI progress

July 15: OpenAI’s quest for artificial general intelligence: Vision or mirage? 

July 11: The AI dilemma: Google's greenhouse gas emissions surge

June 2024

June 28: Apple's pragmatic AI: A smarter approach to everyday integration

June 12: The open letter: A disappointing focus on legalities over critical issues 

June 10: Reflecting on Blockbuster as we consider the future of work

June 4: Trust is not a marketing issue

June 3: The risk of Google’s shift from search engine to answer machine

May 2024

May 30: The new dawn of AI evaluation: NIST's ARIA 

May 29: Navigating the Library of Babel in the age of AI 

May 21: OpenAI's misstep with Scarlett Johansson's voice: A case study in tone deafness 

May 20: Funding AI: Balancing speed and safety

May 3: Meta's AI chatbot causing some confusion

May 1: Suite of approaches that can be applied to uncover possible harm

April 2024

April 25: Recent comments on the AI arms race

April 23: How educators and students should use language models

April 22: Use of AI in war

April 12: Pornographic deepfakes in schools

April 11: Pennsylvania AI buyer beware bill

April 11: Meta's Nick Clegg downplays AI election fears

April 10: Adam Schiff AI copyright bill

April 9: How companies may be 'acting irresponsibly' when training AI models

April 8: China's use of AI to create propaganda in elections

April 5: EU-US collaboration on AI safety

April 3: Musical artists' warning about AI use

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