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CASMI PRIME brings together a group of collaborators to concentrate on an open research question or theme for a short, focused effort to deliver specific outcomes.

PRIME projects blend diverse groups of experts and researchers working together as a catalyst toward shared goals or research objectives. PRIME projects link collaborators from multiple affiliations or home organizations who might not work together yet or may not have been able to find a venue or opportunity to collaborate. While working together at Northwestern, they will also be able to foster further connections by interacting with other researchers at Northwestern and UL.

If you have a concept or potential team that you think may be a candidate for CASMI PRIME, please reach out to us.


Formal Specifications for Assistive Robotics

Lead: Brenna Argall, Associate Professor, Northwestern University

The Impact of Human Decision Architecture on the Design of Intelligent Systems

Leads: Jim Guszcza, Research Affiliate, Stanford University Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences; Kris Hammond, Bill and Cathy Osborn Professor of Computer Science, Northwestern University

Intelligent Tutoring System for Non-Native, Low-Literacy Individuals

Lead: Francisco Iacobelli, Associate Professor, Northeastern Illinois University; Visiting Professor, Northwestern University


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