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Research Roadmap

CASMI Research Roadmap Framework iconsWhile the potential research avenues in machine learning are vast and have experienced extraordinary growth in recent years, CASMI is focused on research that furthers evaluation of the human impact of machine intelligence and the operationalization of safety in intelligent systems. Thus the CASMI Research Roadmap was developed to identify and prioritize our research vision.

Utilizing the Evaluation Framework as an organizing structure, we hosted an initial set of meetings and workshops with expert researchers and practitioners to identify specific knowledge and technical gaps, key challenges, and under-addressed opportunities within each of the core component areas of Data, Algorithm, Interaction, and Evaluation. Addressing these research needs are the primary focus areas of CASMI projects.

While extensive, the Roadmap is by no means exhaustive or complete. It is the starting point that encompasses an initial set of core themes and high priority questions that need resolution. We anticipate and expect new questions and research opportunities to arise as the research plan moves forward. And, as the field progresses at an ever-increasing pace, it will be incumbent upon us to reassess and reprioritize the Roadmap themes and focus areas. The CASMI Scientific Advisory Board and Governance Advisory Committee will be critical to the continuing refinement and reprioritization of the roadmap over time, in order to advance CASMI’s mission of operationalizing safety in intelligent systems.

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