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Empowering Human Knowledge for More Effective AI-Assisted Decision-Making

November 2023   CASMI researchers from Carnegie Mellon University traveled on Nov. 6-9 to Delft, Netherlands to present findings from their research project, which is exploring key differences between human and AI judgment to support more effective human-AI decision-making.

Focusing on advancing safety and sustainability, UL grows its partnership with Northwestern

November 2023   In a cooperative initiative, UL Research Institutes (ULRI) and Northwestern University are working to bring safety to the forefront of the rapidly expanding field of AI and machine learning through their leadership of the Center for Advancing Safety of Machine Intelligence (CASMI) research hub.

from Corporate Engagement

Addressing Gender and Intersectional Bias in Artificial Intelligence

November 2023   On November 10, the Gender Equity Initiative at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and the Northwestern University Law and Technology Initiative cohosted the “Gender and Intersectional Bias in Artificial Intelligence Conference” to discuss how and why AI reflects and exacerbates historical and social inequities and innovative technical and legal approaches to mitigate those biases.

from Computer Science Department

CASMI Attends Chicago Innovation Awards as Top 100 Finalist

November 2023   For the second year in a row, CASMI attended the annual Chicago Innovation Awards as a Top 100 Finalist.

How Scenario Writing Could Help Us Build a Safer AI Future

November 2023   CASMI researchers are working to understand plausible AI risks through a unique, writing-based method.

Biden signs A.I. executive order – What does this mean for tech?

November 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond says President Biden's executive order on artificial intelligence is about “how we can improve things, how we can do a better job, and making sure that all the federal agencies take rein over what they see as the problematic areas.”

from The Steve Cochran Show WLS-AM 890

Designing AI Tools for Underserved Populations from the Ground Up

October 2023   CASMI supported a special interest group (SIG) event on Oct. 17 in Minneapolis called “Purposeful AI.”

CASMI, TRAILS and FAS Collaborating with Federal Standards Body to Assess AI Impacts and Risks

October 2023   CASMI designed and led a workshop to support the expansion of the National Institute of Standards and Technology AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF) guidance from a sociotechnical lens.

Researchers Working to Translate Human Experiences for AI Tools

October 2023   CASMI research is aimed at helping designers form rich and accurate descriptions of real-life situations so that they can create context-aware responsible tools.

You and AI: How Artificial Intelligence can impact personal finance decisions

October 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond says guardrails will help determine how much help or harm AI can bring to the world.

from NBC Chicago

Most AI-domination scenarios "quite stupid," distract from real issues: AI safety expert

October 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond says AI is currently causing issues we need to address now, as opposed to focusing on existential threats.

from CBS News

AI is used to discriminate against renters, a Chicago-area housing group says in lawsuit

October 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond explains how the use of chatbots to attend to customers can be positive or negative.

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Workshop to Explore Sociotechnical Standards to Better Manage AI Risks

September 2023   CASMI is co-hosting a workshop on Oct. 16-17 in Washington, D.C. to test and evaluate sociotechnical approaches for AI systems, focusing specifically on expanding the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF).

Researchers Investigating Popular Predictor Tool, Working to Mitigate Bias in Data

September 2023   CASMI researchers are working to understand what is causing bias in a popular predictor tool that is quick to train.

Patient-Focused AI System Seeks to Reduce Stress during Pregnancy

September 2023   CASMI researchers are studying expectant mothers’ stress levels to combat them in real time and even prevent them.

You and AI: A look at artificial intelligence in education

September 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond explains how artificial intelligence is changing how students learn and what this could mean for professors.

from NBC Chicago

Ethical Framework Aims to Reduce Bias in Data-Driven Policing

August 2023   Law enforcement agencies are using machine learning technologies to forecast where crime might occur. CASMI has supported newly published research that is aimed at mitigating the risks in data-driven policing.

Award-Winning Research Highlights Challenges and Opportunities for More Reliable Human-AI Decision-Making

August 2023   CASMI researchers have investigated threats to validity and reliability in human-AI decision-making and have demonstrated how new methods may help address these challenges.

Measuring Safety in Artificial Intelligence: ‘Positionality Matters’

August 2023   On July 18 and 19, CASMI hosted 32 interdisciplinary scholars from academia, industry, and government for its workshop, “Sociotechnical Approaches to Measurement and Validation for Safety in AI," to discuss how to meaningfully operationalize safe, functional AI systems.

EU AI Act Is 'Step Forward in Trying to Wrangle' Artificial Intelligence

July 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond discusses the European Union's proposed legislation aimed at reducing risks posed by artificial intelligence.

from Scripps News

Resilience in the Face of War: Ukrainian Researchers Investigate AI Fairness

July 2023   Tetiana Zakharchenko, senior lecturer at Ukrainian Catholic University, and Nazarii Drushchak, graduate student in data science, have balanced blackouts and empty classrooms while researching fairness and accuracy in artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Social Media

July 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond says, over the next decade, it will be challenging to tell the difference between what content is real and what has been manipulated.

from Voice of America (VOA)

Study Finds Simple Method Can Improve Safety for Language Models

July 2023   CASMI researchers have found a simple and effective way to identify unknown and anomalous data for language models, which improves safety and reliability.

How does ChatGPT decide what to say next? Here's a quick explainer.

July 2023   Experts like CASMI Director Kristian Hammond explain how chatbots work and what large language models don't know.

from Business Insider

AI Ethics Debate at Chicago Conference, Precursor to CASMI’s Next Workshop

June 2023   Several CASMI researchers attended the Association for Computing Machinery Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT), an event that is closely aligned with the focus of CASMI's next workshop, “Sociotechnical Approaches to Measurement and Validation for Safety in AI.”

Study Finds Eye Gaze Signals Provide Key Answers in Assistive Device Control

June 2023   Using eye-tracking technology, CASMI researchers gathered data about eye gaze signals, with help from 11 people with disabilities, and concluded that it’s likely assistive devices can be designed to allow for smoother control.

Experts: US needs to take steps to regulate rapidly-evolving AI

June 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond called the idea that A.I. could one day wipe out humanity "shockingly overly dramatic" and a "distraction" from the real issue.

from Scripps News

Focus Needs to Be On Current AI Risks, Not Existential Threat

May 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond responds to the Center for AI Safety's statement that AI poses a "risk of extinction."

from The Steve Cochran Show WLS-AM 890

Study Finds Machine Learning Technique May Worsen Fairness

May 2023   Researchers with CASMI have found that a commonly used technique in machine learning (ML), which is meant to improve accuracy, is more likely to worsen fairness for historically disadvantaged groups.

Examining Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Socio-Technical Systems

May 2023   The 2023 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT) will be held June 12-15 at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago. CASMI-affiliated researchers are participating.

from Northwestern Computer Science

Tech Leaders, Policy Makers Weigh Both Risks and Potential of Rapidly-Developing AI Technology

May 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond, professor of computer science at Northwestern University, said there are present problems we should address instead of focusing on existential risks.

from Chicago Tonight (WTTW)

AI expert: Technology has 'tools we can partner with'

May 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond discusses the future of artificial intelligence as the CEO of OpenAI testifies about the technology before Congress.

from NewsNation

How Researchers are Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Low Literacy Patients Understand Their Health

May 2023   CASMI visiting researcher Francisco Iacobelli and his research team are creating an intelligent tutoring system for low-literacy Latina breast cancer survivors.

Biggest Risks and Concerns over Rapidly Evolving Artificial Intelligence Systems

May 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond addresses the concerns and safety risks regarding artificial intelligence systems.

from Scripps News

Workshop to Explore Safety Measurement in Artificial Intelligence

April 2023   The Northwestern Center for Advancing Safety of Machine Intelligence (CASMI) is hosting a workshop on July 18-19 entitled, “Sociotechnical Approaches to Measurement and Validation for Safety in AI.”

Teaching Artificial Intelligence Literacy: ‘AI Is for Everyone’

April 2023   The Northwestern University Center for Human-Computer Interaction + Design (HCI+D) hosted a virtual panel on April 7 entitled, “Thought Leaders on AI Education.” The discussion focused on what curriculums are available for students and teachers in all grade levels and how adults can also learn about AI systems and tools.

from AI@NU

Fluency vs. Fact: How Industries and Researchers are Navigating Generative AI

April 2023   CASMI's virtual discussion focused on how businesses are using large language models like ChatGPT and how researchers are exploring the next developments of generative tools and investigating potential harms these systems could create.

Reducing Harm in Artificial Intelligence Requires Policies for Safer Algorithmic Systems

March 2023   Ben Shneiderman, keynote speaker at CASMI's last workshop, produced a TechBrief entitled, "Safer Algorithmic Systems.” His hope is to convince the government and policy communities to make safer algorithmic systems a priority.

Tracking AI Failures: Understanding the Past to Engineer a Better Future

March 2023   Anyone can go to the AI Incident Database to report AI harms or near harms, which are then classified as AI incidents. The database currently has more than 2,400 reports of AI harms, resulting in more than 400 incidents.

Should Police Departments Be Able to Use Robots?

March 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond explains how police departments can best use robots to help in dangerous work.

from Scripps News

Meta Attempts a New, More ‘Inclusive’ AI Training Dataset

March 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond explains why Meta's Casual Conversationsv2 is a solid first step but not a full solution.

from Popular Science

ChatGPT Can Help Students Improve Critical Thinking, Research Skills

March 2023   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond joins the Steve Cochran Show to explain why schools shouldn't ban ChatGPT.

from The Steve Cochran Show

Funding New Research to Operationalize Safety in Artificial Intelligence

February 2023   The Center for Advancing Safety of Machine Intelligence (CASMI) at Northwestern University, a collaboration with the UL Research Institutes' Digital Safety Research Institute (DSRI), is providing $2.2 million in funding for eight new projects across seven institutions.

Defining Safety in Artificial Intelligence: ‘We Need to Have a Community’

February 2023   CASMI hosted a workshop on Jan. 19 and 20 entitled, “Toward a Safety Science of AI.” Interdisciplinary thought leaders attended to share ideas on how we can define, measure, and anticipate safety in AI.

Researchers Pursue ‘Holy Grail’ to Measure Machine Learning’s Impact on People

January 2023   Researchers with the Center for Advancing Safety of Machine Intelligence (CASMI) have created a Human Impact Scorecard to assess and to demonstrate an artificial intelligence (AI) system’s impact on human well-being.

ChatGPT Can Be 'Exceptionally Great Tool for Education'

January 2023   CASMI director Kris Hammond appears on "Chicago Tonight" on WTTW to explain the benefits and the drawbacks of ChatGPT.

from WTTW

CASMI Hosts Panel Discussion on Defining 'Safety' in Artificial Intelligence

December 2022   Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have helped improve our lives, but they have also exposed people to harm. The solution requires a multipronged, inclusionary approach that focuses on developing a culture of safety, panelists told The Center for Advancing Safety of Machine Intelligence (CASMI) at Northwestern University.

Researchers Identify Coverage Disparities in Spatial Data

November 2022   CASMI researchers have identified urban/rural disparities in crowd-sourced data and geographic data used in spatial intelligent technologies

Artificial Intelligence: Is it safe?

October 2022   CASMI director, Kris Hammond, responds to the "Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights" issued by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)

from The Hill

Researchers Develop DANGER Framework for Stress Testing

October 2022   CASMI researchers developed a framework, called DANGER, that can generate dynamic stress tests for safety-critical systems.

CASMI Named as Top 100 Finalist for Chicago Innovation Awards

October 2022   CASMI was named as one of the top 100 finalists for the 21st annual Chicago Innovation Awards

One Man’s Dream of Fusing A.I. With Common Sense

August 2022   Artificial intelligence systems can process vast amounts of data in seconds, but they can’t make sense of the world or explain their decisions. David Ferrucci wants to change that.

from New York Times

CASMI Announces Call for Research Project Proposals

August 2022   The center seeks to fund new initiatives critical to furthering safety in intelligent systems

CASMI Hosts Workshop on Data-Driven Policing

July 2022   Data-Driven Policing Workshop focused on the current landscape of data-driven policing, including best practices and implementation.

Building Social Science into the Foundation of AI Practice

June 2022   CASMI Director Kristian Hammond participated in a panel discussion hosted by CASBS at Stanford University.

from Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS)

CASMI Celebrates Launch with Ribbon Cutting, Panel Discussion

April 2022   Ceremony featured remarks from Northwestern, Underwriters Laboratories leaders.

from McCormick Engineering

Northwestern Launches Research Hub for AI Safety, Equity

February 2022   Supported by Underwriters Laboratories, center will foster research that integrates safety into AI design.

from McCormick Engineering

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